What foods can improve your sex drive?

Organically improving one’s sex drive is a sure way to keep libido consistently increasing. Eating the right foods can go a long way to improve one’s sex life. There are certain nutrients and compounds in foods that naturally increases certain hormone levels that directly affect sex drive. Advertisements show male enhancement pills and inorganic supplements that can never deliver as promised. Eating proper food is a natural and much more cost efficient way of increasing and improving sex drive.

The inability to feel sexual desire happens to everyone. Sometimes decreased sex drive can be periodic or it can unfortunately be consistent. There are certain foods men can eat that can prevent any lack of sex drive and in fact improve it. More specifically, there are certain vitamins and nutrients in certain foods have that can positively affect sex drive.

Omega-3 acids is a type of fat found in salmon, olive oil, and avocados. This fat is especially beneficial to a male seeking help in the sex department because Omega-3 acids increases blood flow. The lack of blood flow to the penis is one of the major causes for a decline in sex drive.  Another beneficiary vitamin would be vitamin B-1. This vitamin quickens the nervous system signals throughout the body. The penis has a lot of nerves, thus signals to the penis will move at a faster pace. Foods high in vitamin B-1 are peanuts, beans, and any pork.

Some foods have reputations that go back centuries for increasing sex drive. Cloves have been used in India for centuries to cure erectile dysfunction. Studies have shown that rats who had an increased exposure to cloves resulted in an increased libido.

Spinach might not be liked by many, but is the perfect food to consume for an improved sex drive. The high content of Magnesium is the key feature spinach has. Magnesium decreases inflammation of blood vessels, making blood flow easier to the extremities. This directly correlates with the penis. Magnesium can increase blood flow to the penis, which allows for a man to achieve and maintain an erection for a longer period of time.

Dark chocolate directly affects the pleasure centers of the brain by increasing serotonin and dopamine levels. Stress levels are lowered to the point that they do not affect sexual performance.

Hot peppers increase heart rate and stimulate endorphins to the point that blood is being pumped through veins at a extremely high rate. Sometimes men just need a kick to get things sexually going.

Green tea is a sure way to improve sex drive because of a specific compound called Catechins.  Catechins have increased blood flow qualities that also boosts sexual desire. The Catechins rid the body  of any damaging substances that limits blood flow, which results in an increase of blood flow. The green tea has shown to specifically increase blood flow to the penis.

Salty foods can severely impact a man’s ability to reach an orgasm. To counteract the saltiness, eating bananas would be the answer. Bananas are rich in Potassium, which prevents the effects food with high sodium content have on the male body.

There are foods out there that will ensure a increased lbido and a satisfying sexual performance. Incorporating these foods into one’s’ daily diet is a sure way to see its results.